Should You Really Buy a Fake Drivers License Fake ID?

Should You Really Buy a Fake Driver's License Fake ID?

If you are under 21 we are sure you’re looking for an easy way to buy alcohol or enter a nightclub. And you might have heard from one of your friends about how a fake id is your freeway ticket to enter a nightclub even when you are far from your legal age. Now, you might be curious to know if the fake ids are worth your time or money.

If yes, consider yourself lucky as this blog post is all about fake ids, the best place to get a fake id, and the perks of a non-real id.

Sure, there’s nothing wrong with a driver's license fake id if you use it to enter a club or buy alcohol. It’s always a good idea to get a nice buzz somewhere else than your dorm room. So, let’s begin:

Why do people buy fake driver's licenses?

There are a lot of advantages to buying a fake id. Yes, it does have some cons as well but when you think about all the fun you could do with a fake id, cons won’t really matter that much.

Buy Alcohol

One of the most common reasons why people buy fake ids is to consume alcohol. When you have the best fake Id in your hand, you will have the liberty to buy alcohol with no issues. Most countries have age restrictions regarding alcohol consumption. A faux ID will help you buy and consume the drink of your choice.

Travel Alone

It is necessary for you to be above 18 if you want to travel alone. If you are not over 18, you will have problems when renting a vehicle or booking a hotel. Once you have a driver's license fake id, you can show it as proof that you are eligible for all these things.

Enter a Nightclub

If you are not over 21 it is impossible for you to enter into a club. Most nightclubs have strict age restrictions for entry. With a fake ID, you can enter any club you want without any problem. But remember that the security guards and bouncers at these places are known to spot a cheap ID therefore you need to ensure you choose the best place to get a fake id.

Drive a Car

If your real driver's license is confiscated, you cannot drive a car. In this situation, a drivers license fake id can help you to drive. A fake driver's license can be used as a temporary solution. Just make sure your fake driver's license has the same elements as your real ID.

Be Someone Else

Are you tired of being yourself? Then be someone else! A fake ID is the best way if you want to get away from your normal routine and pretend someone else for a while.

What are the Hallmarks of the Best Fake IDs?

Though there are numerous websites available in the market that sells fake IDs, not all fake ids are created equal. Make sure you choose the best place like Club21IDs to get a fake id. There are some essential hallmarks of a fake ID that will help you get past the bouncers and security checkups without getting caught and these are-


An essential element of a fake ID is a barcode that is scannable and when scanned it displays the information about the person it is issued to. This serves as an additional layer of identification. So, make sure your fake ID has the same scannable barcode as the real ID.

Special Embossed Text

Another hallmark of a driver’s license fake Id is specialized raised text. If you order a fake id from a cheap source, you will not get this element. And without this essential hallmark, it will be easier for cops and bouncers to spot that it’s a fake ID.


Another important security feature that needs to be there in your fake id is the presence of holograms. Holograms are usually placed on the ID with the help of a laser and that helps in verifying the authenticity of the ID. If you order your fake ID from a cheap site, your ID won’t come with holograms as this feature is a little difficult to acquire.

How do I know if the fake ID I received is of high quality?

To ensure that you have the best fake ID in your hand, here are a few things that you need to check:

Touch and Feel

As soon as you receive your fake ID, you need to touch and feel it. Hold your fake ID in one hand and hold the real ID in your other and now compare the difference. If both the IDs are similar to touch and feel, the Fake ID you have received is of high quality and no one will be able to tell that it is fake.

Cross-check the details

Most people in the excitement overlook or forget to check the details of the Fake ID. you need to cross-check the information like name, date of birth, photograph, and contact details. Do not forget to memorize the details mentioned in the ID. You don’t want to be blank if a bouncer when a bouncer asks for a question.

The State

Identity documents differ from one state to another therefore you need to be aware of how the documents in your state look like. Also, make sure that the site you’re ordering your fake ID from is aware of your state’s standards.

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