Tired of being yourself

Tired of being yourself? Well, let’s be someone else then.

Maybe you’ve had enough of the drama based shenanigans in the concrete jungle you currently live in. Surrounded by skyscrapers and people everywhere barely finding solitude or just a break from the ever maddening socializing at work, leisure and even in the confines of your bedroom albeit through a phone.

Sometimes all we need is a break! Just time away from the ever maddening sprint to the next best thing. Perhaps even hide away from people because you need some breathing room. Or maybe just get a Fake driving license and drive into obscurity of the red-rocks of Utah or through the great lakes of Michigan. Not an outlandish or bad idea at all.

Hey! You’re not alone, plenty people think that. Actually you’d be surprised how many people think that exact same thing but just let it be like a passive dream which can’t ever be achieved. Can’t fault that train of thought though, it is getting trickier by the day to avoid people or just settle down in solitude for a breather, there’s ways to connect that really can’t be excused away from. I know you wish you were someone else! Even for a day perhaps, just go to a different city across the United states, take a road trip from the big apple all the way to San Diego and start afresh and not have people bother, just not be identified for a while by acquaintances and just relax in anonymity and bask in the welcome ignorance of those around you.

Well, what if I told you that’s a reality you’re just not familiar with. It’s not a dream anymore, its hard-nosed real world situation which you can very well enjoy. No, I’m not talking about a ‘Freaky-Friday’ Lindsay Lohan soul exchange with someone else and again! I’m definitely not talking about reaching out to your nearest cosmetic surgery expert and ask about a plastic surgery to change your face! Cause this isn’t Mission Impossible and you’re not Tom Cruise.

But then again if you reach out to us over here at CLUB 21 IDS, maybe you can be the next best thing to Tom Cruise, maybe even a little taller and younger! And you’d have a “almost” government issues ID backing your claim. Wouldn’t that be amazing! I bet you’re hypothetically drooling over this prospect already!

Okay my lords and ladies here goes nothing, about to divulge the best kept secret of 2021. We are Club 21 IDS and we excel at allowing you to live your utopian fantasy of assuming a different identity for whatever purpose you’d want to use it for. You need a new driver’s license? We got you. You need a new identity for a certain ‘situation?’ we got you. You need a picture perfect replica of your government issued identity with a complete different name and details that maybe even the local law enforcement won’t be suspicious of. They’ll question their memory maybe but never the identity we help you vicariously live through for all your respective purposes. We got Cheap ids for a tight budget and we got the premium top of the line ones as well. Regardless they’re both Quality fake ids.

We offer a range of Identity card solutions, stretching across the Driver’s license to your government ID and even your exclusive business school identity! Besides making outlandish claims that get your serotonin flowing, we excel at manufacturing aforementioned product with the latest in printing technology. It allows us to manufacture identical replicas complete with modern markings such as holographs and even infrared imaging and ultra violet scan ready codes which are only visit in particular lighting spectrum. Invisible to the normal eye and only seen under Ultra violet light.

Go on- contact us now and let’s get the ball rolling! I don’t want to give out too many details, its better you call us and we discuss this on the low, keeping things on the hush-hush. I don’t think I need to sell you on the utopian concept of living your dream under an assumed name! you could even live out your James Bond fantasy! Get a bunch of friends and go to a new town and wreak havoc onto the inhabitants under the garb of your new identities (within the confines of the law of-course) (I write this with a wink and a crooked smile). Don’t keep us waiting, let’s be friends over at Club 21 ids. Call us, Now!