From Which State Your Fake ID Should Be? Choose one for you!

What State Your Fake ID Should Be From?

False IDs are getting more and more popular across the USA. A quality fake ID is like a golden ticket to gain access to concerts, parties, clubs, restaurants, and alcohol for thousands of US teens. Life is full of temptation and there’s nothing wrong with faking yourself to have fun or enjoy an adventurous ride.

However, using a false ID isn’t that easy. Bouncers and security people have gotten smart now. They have learned to spot fake IDs. And if you want to sneak past the security checks, you need to have a quality false identification. That is easier to do with some states than others.

But why does state matter for Novelty Ids?

Some states in the USA have made it difficult for the False IDs provider to replicate IDs. Some states provide IDs with complicated 3D holograms that are difficult to replicate while other states use techniques that can only be seen under a backlight.

This is exactly why you should find the best fake ID websites that can provide the exact replica of the real IDs.

There are 50 states and out of 50, there are a few states that make Ids that are easier to replicate. Such states are most commonly used when creating a false ID.

One pro tip is to never use the ID from the state you live in or where you are going to use it. As bouncers will be more familiar with the state so the chances of getting caught are more.

Just make sure that the state you select for your counterfeit ID, you have knowledge about the details on ID so that if a bouncer asks questions, you can answer them.

What are the commonly used states for Novelty Ids?

If you intend to buy a counterfeit ID, it is best to opt for forged identifications from the states that have the fewest security features. This reduces the risk of getting caught. Here are some leading states that you can choose to order a quality false ID.


Georgia is first on our list as it is one of the most common and popularly used states for false IDs. The driver licenses that are issued come with features that are not very difficult to replicate for best fake id websites.

Just make sure that the physical description matches the one mentioned in the ID. Do not make any spelling mistakes in a forged ID.


Connecticut is another state that is popularly used state for novelty Ids. Just find a reputable false ID seller, a decent photograph of yourself, and a signature — this will help you avoid getting using a false ID.

The symbols of whale and plane must be there in a fa ID from Connecticut. Also, ensure that the borders glow in the UV light. Another essential feature is the yellow star that ensures that the ID is compliant with the Real ID act.


Illinois is another state whose IDs are easy to replicate. You need to do is to buy fake id online that has your photograph and some complex micro-printed lines and pattern on the ID.

An essential element that needs to be there in the false ID from Illinois is the state outline repetition that should clearly be visible under UV light.


When you look at the ID from Texas, you will find smooth flat lamination with no raised surfaces. Another important feature of the ID is the magnetic strip at the back. Along with this, the ultraviolet ink needs to be shiny in the dark.

The photograph and the date of birth should be printed in UV ink so that it glows in the UV light.


Novelty Ids from Iowa are quite popular due to their simplified design. Finding flaws in Iowa Ids are quite challenging. Just make sure that I’d have a valid barcode and it can be scanned for the UV too. With these elements, nobody would be able to tell that the ID is fake.

If you are planning to buy the newest version of ID from Iowa, make sure that the backside of the contains vibrant inks and ultraviolet in them that reproduces hidden features.

Some Other States Used for Fake ID cards

Apart from the states mentioned above, people use several others for buying fake Ids online. If you are thinking of buying counterfeit IDs, here is the list of locations that can be the most feasible option:

  • Ohio
  • California
  • Florida
  • Mississippi
  • Pennsylvania
  • Florida
  • Maine
  • New Jersey
  • Rhode Island
What Are the Essential Features That Need to be There in Fake Ids?

If you are planning to buy a false ID online, make sure the following elements or features must be there. Quality false ID includes-

  • Scannable barcode
  • Special embossed text
  • Holograms
  • Material- Teslin or Polycarbonate
  • 3D tactical feature
  • Laser perforation
  • Blacklight passable
  • Microprinting
Tips to Avoid Getting Caught with Forged Identification

When you decide to buy a fake id online, just make sure you keep a few things in mind in order to avoid getting caught while using it.

  • Buy counterfeit ID only from the best fake ID website
  • Memorize the details mentioned in the ID
  • Don’t be nervous while showing your false ID
Buy High-quality Fake IDs from Us

While ordering your first novelty ID selecting the right state might be difficult. That’s why we have shared the list of best states that you can use for your counterfeit ID. Carrying out due diligence before buying a False ID is very important.

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